Get to know more about your business with Systell Contact Center

Do you think that Systell Contact Center can be used only for placing/ answering calls and sending emails? It is true, some of the solutions available on the market are limited to these functions. But this does not apply to Systell Contact Center!


Our software is unique and one-of-a-kind. Every customized implementation, however, allows you to look at your call centre department (or even the whole company) from a broader perspective.

Discover statistics you are not aware of


Do you know how many persons cannot reach you by phone, and give up as a result? Do you know how much time your consultants waste waiting between calls?


Are you aware how much time it takes for your employees to answer customers’ emails? When we talk to our prospective customers, the most frequent answer to these questions is “NO”. With Systell Contact Center you will know the answers to these questions, and to many other questions too.

Analyse the data and labour statistics of your call centre


Where do you get your knowledge on the efficiency of your consultants from? Simple lists presenting e.g. sales volume/ value, will not give you answers to all the questions you might have.


Thanks to Systell Contact Center you will be able to compile various data, so that you can assess the actual efficiency of your employees.


You can for instance discover that some of your agents fulfil the assumed volume plans, but their conversations take much too long. In such case you should work with them on shortening of conversation time while keeping their sales statistic on the same level. Other consultants are great in handling of VIP customers and therefore fulfil their targets, but their results relating to handling of new customers are not satisfactory. Assign them to serve VIP customers only, and watch how your profit and sales statistics grow.

Integrate our call centre system with other systems in your company (CRM, ERP, accounting and finance, warehouse systems, etc.)


Ninety percent of Systell Contact Center implementations include integrating our system with other IT systems of the customer. The main goal of the integration is to ensure that all the customer data from various systems are available for the consultants in one location.


It is however just the beginning of your adventure with integrated data. We encourage you to think outside the box and take a broader approach to the possibilities offered by the integration of data from several IT systems. Tell us about your business needs and we will gladly advise you on what you can gain with us.


We have already helped many businesses, among others by creating special reports compiling telecommunications data or other business data from a call centre system with e.g. data from an ERP system. This enabled us to measure and report data relating to such work statistics that the customer had not been aware of until then, or to various aspects of the company’s operations.

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