Central 3CX

Why the 3CX telephone exchange

Over 30,000 companies worldwide have already chosen
the 3CX telephone system because of its




and advanced technological solutions.

Benefits of 3CX Phone System

  • Intuitive operation
  • PBX for server installation or cloud hosting
  • Safest phone system on the market
  • Time- and cost-effective
  • Flexible, highly scalable system
  • Enhancing employees’ productivity and mobility
  • Possibility to continue to use your existing infrastructure
  • Integrated reporting system
  • 3CX Phone – best SIP client on the market

3CX features

  • Unified communication – 3CX private branch exchange – handling of phone calls, voice mail and fax, integrated tele and video conference system
  • Built-in client chat
  • Information on co-workers’ presence
  • Easy installation and management of the whole system from one location
  • Can be used with landline telephones, smartphones and computer apps
  • Fully functional within the scope of licence
  • Handling of Web RTC calls
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Comprehensive business analyses – reports or real-time dashboard
  • Integration with CRM and other apps
  • Yealink system is compatible with 3CX

How we work?

We deliver dedicated PBX solutions, create apps for 3CX and host 3CX in the cloud.

We have established a team specializing in 3CX solutions. Currently two of our employees have successfully passed the 3CX ADVANCED CERTIFIED course. The team includes also developers responsible for the creation of dedicated 3CX apps as well as experienced sales consultants.

We have implemented the 3CX platform comprehensively in over 192 companies in Poland and abroad in the last 5 years. Users of the systems that we have implemented make 1100 calls simultaneously every day. We have launched the biggest phone system in Europe, i.e. 3CX 256 SC Pro Edition

As part of the cooperation with our clients, we perform a free-of-charge analysis of our partners’ businesses and seek solutions that will boost the quality of their customer service.

Our 3CX implementations

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