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Systell Contact Center is not only an efficient solution for handling all customer communications. It is also a powerful analytic tool, enabling you to create and analyse all kinds of reports and statistics.

Gain access to valuable statistics.
Learn how your agents work.


Each of your employees can keep track of his/her daily work statistics, so that they know how many calls they make, how many emails/text messages they send and how many chat conversations they have. These statistics are a great tool allowing your employees to control their work themselves. Use it to your benefit and create e.g. appropriate motivation systems based on your employees’ business efficiency.


Current work statistics of an individual agent often need to be supplemented with global data. Therefore, the statistics relating to the whole consultant team are important too. That is where a wallboard function comes in handy, which allows to display various statistics changing in real time to the consultants. With Systell Contact Center your employees will always be notified in time of loads on queues, average wait times, conversation times, etc.

Systell Contact Center is also a goldmine of knowledge for managers.


The system tracks and reports in real time various relevant statistics and KPIs related to phone service. You will never again need to wonder how much time your employees talk to customers, how long customers wait for their call to be answered or how many of them give up before their call gets picked up.


Systell Contact Center registers every work activity of your employees in a business process designed so that it suits all your needs. It enables us to provide you with a complete set of business data related to achieving your business goals. For instance, we can show you the data relating to a completed sale from different perspectives (e.g. the whole company, individual sales teams/ consultants/ customers, etc.)


The reports containing telecommunications / business data generated in Systell Contact Center can be easily supplemented with the information acquired from all the systems that are integrated with your call centre system. This provides you with a complete picture of how your team, or even your whole company, works. Read more here.


It does not matter where you are or what kind of device you use; you can always check current work statistics thanks to the comprehensive reporting function designed to run on mobile devices. The sky is the limit with Systell Contact Center!

Do not let anything limit you!

Make an appointment, explore the possibilities of Systell Contact Center and check out what we can offer you. We do not want to limit you in any way, so if you miss some reports, statistics or data, tell us about it: we will implement them for you.