Optimise your customer contact by integrating all communication channels in one place: telephone, email, website form, chat, Facebook, fax, SMS, Voice SMS.


You have access to dozens of functions enhancing the quality of customer service, such as customer attendant, VIP customer, service priorities, call back, customized call routing, KPI monitoring and notyfications of exceedes KPIs.

What you can gain


There is no other contact centre system with such wide-range scripting functionality. Thanks to extensive templates you will be able to design any customer conversation scenario; what is more, you will also be able to freely collect, archive and integrate data with other systems.


You will be delighted at how advanced and extensive the Systell Contact Center mechanism for modelling of customer contact processes is, especially compared to the competition. You will be able to design virtually any process, no matter how many steps it has or which communication channels you want to apply to it. It is also possible to model the workflow and performed activities, and make the performance of certain actions dependent on the performance of other actions.


No other company operating in the Polish contact centre system industry can boast such extensive experience in designing integrations according to customers’ needs as Systell. Thanks to our project-oriented approach we can tailor every integration with an external system to the specific needs of each customer. That allows us to achieve all your goals.

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Enables you to manage all customer communication channels by means of a single and coherent desktop that handles multiple campaigns on any device (desktop + mobile) at the same time. You can choose from five available dialler options (including predictive dialler) for handling outbound calls. What is more, you can manage incoming traffic, both telephone traffic and traffic related to other communication channels. There is a lot going on, but you will be able to control all this with ease thanks, among others, to pre-prepared conversation scenarios, the ability to assign appropriate priorities and statuses to certain cases, and automatic customer call back function. Predictive Dialer).


You can design customer service processes in such a way that the maximum efficiency is achieved while fully respecting every record in the database. You are able to customize customer contact templates, so that you can achieve your goals without harassing your customers with constant calls. You can set an appropriate record rest time. You are able to freely design how the records should be delivered from the database to your consultants. This allows you to systematically ensure the efficiency of your campaigns and introduce new employees to their tasks without the risk that they will spoil the database records.


You can monitor the traffic from multiple channels in real time. You can display selected service statistics on a wallboard. You are able to monitor your employees’ busy statuses, as well as their current work with regard to a given campaign, together with complete conversation and service statistics. You can tap phone calls, actively join the conversation or whisper suggestions to your consultant. After the conversation is over, you can listen to recorded calls or go through archived chat records. Next you can generate any reports you need, that juxtapose telecommunications data with business results of customer communication.

Need more? No problem!


You can use the CRM function enabling you to create any customer data sets. You can make notes, attach documents, design sales processes, plan the next contacts and manage tickets related to ongoing service.


You can flexibly manage access permissions to the individual components of the system. Only encrypted passwords are used for logging in; alternately, the access to the system is integrated with Active Directory. Our software is extremely secure; it has a HTTPS certificate, and it requires a VPN connection for access. You can work without obstacles thanks to a heavily secured and multiplied database in your data centre.


You can manage the work of all your employees from a single location in the system, add users and give them appropriate permissions, create campaigns and assign agents to them. You can also decide on how the database records should be divided and manage each communication channel separately. By using our system you ensure the compliance of your database with GIODO (General Inspector for Personal Data Protection) and the GDPR requirements.


Systell Contact Center is a one-of-a-kind solution. You can freely modify the scope of functions you want to use. Do you need a to-do list or a tool for the management of employee breaks? Or maybe you would like to display notifications and announcements to your agents or create all kinds of connections between database records? All this and much more is available for you in our system.

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