Portfolio 2 | SYSTELL
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A lifetime licensewith integration with own systems and full control over data Subscription service with fast start-up, secure data center, service and updates in the price
For business z with intense contact with the client (about 100 interactions per day, phones, mails or chat e.c.t.) + 5 people to serve customers on helpline lor when acquiring clients In companies where call center, customer service office, help desk is a separate department For every industry (pharmacy, debt collection, finances, telekom, outsourcing services,…
Analyze call center data and statistics Integrate the call center system with other systems in the enterprise (CRM, ERP, F-K, storage e.t.c.) Combine data from other systems with data from the call center Discover new, unknown aspects of your company's activity that will allow you to work better and more efficiently for your entire business.
Monitor phone traffic and consultants' conversations online. Generate reports, listen to conversations, analyze data, make changes. Create new reports showing data from a new perspective. Mobile reports. Wherever you are, regardless of your smartphone or tablet, you always have your call center under control.