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Are you able to track who has been calling you and when? Do you know which language your customers prefer to use? Would you like to enhance the quality of your customer service? Get in touch with us to arrange a free-of-charge meeting where we will present you with the ideas and solutions for achieving your business goals.




45% of website visits lead to the potential customer’s contact with the company via phone. 50% of phone conacts result in a sale. Are you considering launching an infoline for your customers?  At Systell we can do for you: supply an infoline number, IVR (Interactive voice response), call queuing, VIP customer service, connect a customer with his/her account manager, security 24/7.



Email is one of the most cost-effective and effcient forms for personalised advertsements and customer contact. Manage email queues and design personalised mailing or newsletter campaigns directly from your contact centre system. You can also attach emails to the customer’s contact history, so that no messages will be left unanswered. It is also worth noting that you do not have to give up your email server.



Try the market-leading diallers and enhance the quality of contacts with your customers. We will help you to integrate your systems CRM and ERP with contact centre software. Use different calling modes, depending on your needs: you can choose among manual Plain mode, semi-automatic Progressive mode and Automatic Power Predictive Dialer mode.



Direct leads directly from landing page to contact centre. Answer your prospects immediately. Tailor service processes and answering channels to your website form. Filter data from website forms and assign them to various campaigns. Update your customer database and effectively settle accounts with lead suppliers. Gain an unlimited number of contacts from an unlimited list of websites.



Live chat is a preferable form of contact for 85% of young customers. 90% of buyers using live chat make their purchases during working hours. Launch your new sales channel and reach new prospects. Use the proactive chat feature: 79% of site visitors accept this form of invitation to a conversation. Increase sales volume: 54% of companies report that live chat has increased their sales by 20%.



Now, you can use only one desktop with Systell Contact Centre. When you conversation with a client, via Facebook Messenger you use the same tool that you use live chat and internal communication. You don’t need unnecessary installations which burden the speed of mobile devices. What’s more, there is an ability to connect to Facebook with tasks in CRM, ticket system and customer service.



Notify your customer of special promotions via SMS text messages. Design personalised SMS notifications and plan promotional campaigns. Use your fax as an email box. Send documents as email attachments and receive faxes in your favourite email box.



Enhance service efficiency with the help of virtual agents. Utilise Voice SMS campaigns for satisfaction surveys, confirmation of meetings, debt recovery and work during weekends. Design any service trees you want and an interactive speech synthesizer will say all you have written. Gather the statistics for automatic service and use them in other campaigns.

How can we help you?

We boost the quality of customer service, increase teleshopping efficiency, deliver infolines and tools for communication with your existing and new customers, supply communication channels, create useful solutions for call/contact centres.

For whom?

For businesses with intensive customer contact
(ca. 100 contacts per day, e.g. phone calls, emails, chats, etc.)

For companies with at least 5 employees dedicated for infoline service.
For companies where a call centre/customer service office/help desk is a separate department.

Our clients use Systell Contact Center for vaccine sales, promoting trade fair events
scheduling medical appointments, telemarketing of financial and telecommunications services
daily collection of orders from shop chains managing loyalty programmes, ATM network infoline, managing medicine orders, running of a technical help desk, and many more.

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