Telemedicine technology

How to improve telephone contact with outpatient patients?


Transfer calls to a digital telephone exchange from Systell in two days.


You just need the internet.


Difficult phone contact with the facility

Do you know how many patients cannot reach your facility? Patients are waiting on the line, and are not scheduled for an appointment. Do you know how many such patients gave up waiting for connection with registration? Other facilities allow you to choose the purpose of the patient’s pre-conversation conversation – prescription, teleporada, sick leave? Do you know how many patients a given doctor has served?

System do obslugi klienta rozwiązanie


New telephone exchange

We improve telemedicine due to the implementation of the switchboard and the appropriate telephony configuration in the facility. Patients will be divided thematically – prescription, teleporada, dismissal. Registration will immediately be able to switch the call to the doctor. The one will be able to pick up from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone. You will gain control over the number of patients calling and the most intense hours of the day. No unattended patient will miss. This will significantly improve the facility’s profitability.

How is the implementation going?

All you need is INTERNET.


We will deal with the technical issue.

Work on the same telephone exchanges as the Decathlon chain of stores!


Find out how many people tried to make an appointment and how many of them ultimately talked with doctor

Provide teleporades on any device: computer, smartphone and tablet

Get smooth switching of conversations from registration to the doctor and vice versa

Reduce patient waiting times by choosing a conversation topic yourself before connecting

Take care of the patient.

The changes are noticeable from the first contact!

After the changes are made, the patient will be able to choose the topic of conversation, e.g. prescription, before someone from the reception desk answers the phone. After selecting the number assigned to a given topic, he will be informed about his position waiting in the queue at the hotline. Thanks to this, he will be directed to a specific person who is responsible for prescribing the prescription.


Each patient will be served.

Support patients remotely. See other recommended tools.


Discover more solutions for professional patient service during registration


Close the distance between the patient and give him quick advice in a few minutes


The high quality of the image and sound guarantees that nothing will interrupt your medical visit

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