A contact centre system needs to fit the individual needs of a company and be tailored to its business profile. Every contact centre system has its own unique character and is designed to meet specific goals. So, why use generic measures and reports? Dedicated reports are the only appropriate solution. Managers should be able to decide, which measures and values they want to include in a report.

5 advantages of dedicated reports in call centres

At Systell we make it our priority to treat each of our clients individually. Thanks to our 15-year-long experience we know exactly what you need. We offer a broad range of dedicated reports. You can add any procedures you want to our system, that will help you to generate even more diverse reports. You can also display reports in your browser showing the status of your consultants’ work, as well as all statistical data of a campaign.
Call centre managers can generate reports at any time. You can check how many calls you lose per day, see your agents’ statistics and queue totals, detect errors in your IVR tree, and much more. Contact us!

1. Customized dedicated reports


Your business surely needs simple statistics, but would not it be great if you received them in an attractive form and had constant access to them via a web application? What is more, you probably do not want to receive the statistics you do not need and pay for the reports you will not use anyway. So, why not to choose customized reports, which provide you with exactly the information you need and at the same time, not cost you an arm and a leg.

2. Reports containing advanced business analyses


Would you like to check how a given consultant team performed last month? There is no reason why you could not be able to analyse how long their callers waited in queues, or how many persons they managed to serve. In the same way you can also analyse the work of a single agent. Besides evaluating your employees’ work, you can use advanced reports to categorise calls according to connection type. For example, if you learn that customers calling from mobile phones choose your offer 20% less often than other target groups, you might consider targeting them less in your campaigns. As you can see, advanced reports can be very useful to your business and increase your return on investments.

3. Visual presentation of data


It is widely known that visual presentations are extremely useful, as they make it easier to remember the presented contents and understand the statistics. That, in turn, leads to more effective usage of such data in the company’s operation. That is exactly why advanced reports are displayed in graphic or table form. You can also display them as a wallboard, which is updated in real time. It is without doubt worthwhile to display your data in an attractive form, so that every employee in your business can easily understand and remember them.

4. Easy navigation through reports


Despite including a lot of data, advanced reports are easy to read. Thanks to data filters it is possible to easily analyse the data in the sheet. Reports created by experienced specialists give you a plethora of options; at the same time they are extremely easy to read and have an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

5. Diverse reports


There are many types of dedicated reports. Some of them are complex, e.g. an analysis of call costs according to caller group. But there are also less complex reports, such as a list of calls. The system allows for analysing 25 statistics in total, thus giving you the opportunity to examine virtually all aspects of your business. It offers both the simple and advanced measures, which you can freely select, depending on your needs. With our system you gain a comprehensive insight into your data, which means that other reporting tools actually become superfluous.


All in all, dedicated reports are a great solution for companies of any size, thanks to their attractive form, clarity and endless possibilities they offer. No two contact centres are alike; that is why it is worth to invest in customized products. If you deal with data analysis in your contact centre, this solution will be the best for you.

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