Efficient management of customer phone service is all about numbers. Every day agents place and receive a lot of calls; they talk to customers, solve their issues and receive orders. Some customers hang up because they wait a bit too long for their call to be answered, and a small percentage of customers in your database might, for various reasons, not be served at all.

Implementing of a call/contact centre system will allow you to replace vague statements with actual numbers. A professional system will not only collect all necessary data for you but will also provide you with useful reports to facilitate the data analysis. As a result, you will be able to make your business decisions based on actual, reliable values.

We present 5 key benefits of implementing a call/contact centre system in your company:


Having an internal call centre system allows you to continuously monitor the quality of customer service. Even the basic system version without automated dialling mode will increase the number of outbound calls by circa 40% in comparison to calls dialled manually by agents. This increase can be even higher if predictive dialling solutions are used. Efficient and fast customer service is nowadays a must. In case of an inbound call the call/contact centre software automatically identifies the customer and routes the call to the agent who has dealt with this customer before.


An internal contact centre is a more cost-effective solution than long-term outsourcing and the amortisation period of the system is just a few months. The system allows better planning of agents’ work time, which, in turn enhances their productivity. The average productivity of an agent using the system is 550 outbound calls in 8 hours work time.


Employees working in the company’s internal call centre have comprehensive knowledge of the products and services offered by the company. On the other hand, they also have access to complete information on the history of contacts with a given customer.


A company’s internal call centre reacts to changes to the company’s offer in a faster and smoother way than an external one. Reporting module provides you continuously with detailed information on up to 40 different aspects of the operation of the company’s call centre.


The use of a dedicated call centre application makes it possible to effectively manage phone traffic and minimise the number of lost calls. Thanks to such solutions as call identification and connection of records with a particular agent the quality of customer service can be significantly improved.